The 3rd of March 2011 our project

In-Service Training -  Grundtvig

has been selected and introduced in the Training DataBase

Reference Number : IT-2011-692-003


Preparation Participants will receive via e-mail all the material for a better understanding of the landscape works of M. C. Escher in Abruzzo between 1928 and 1929. Other material will be provided during the course. All the practical Information will be given.
Participants will be asked to provide information about their interests, areas of study and work as well as their proficiency in English and Italian.
The Participants will also each give a 5-minute presentation about their project or organization on the first day.
Objectives The project aims to promote cultural exchange between participants through a study trip in the history, culture and art in Abruzzo following the footsteps of the Dutch artist MC Escher, considered the most important graphic artist of the ‘900. His work is known all over the world for but it is less know however his artistic background connected with the period he lived and travelled in Italy. His first artistic period, the landscape has been a source of inspiration for his art in the future. The Abruzzo landscapes, where he travelled several times from 1928 to 1935, were a place of training for his art. Based on these premises, THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE GUIDED BACK TO THE VILLAGES WHERE M.C. ESCHER TRAVELLED in order to give an INSIGHT INTO MILIEUS THAT HAVE INSPIRED the artist. Participants will acquire not only a better picture of MCESCHER as an artist, but also a deeper insight into the importance of the cultural landscape as a source of inspiration, education and knowledge.
The project aims to:
Promote and create educational experiences
Promote socialization, moments of cultural exchange and integration on the basis of new cultural experiences.
Promoteawareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity and multiculturalism in Europe.
Generate ideas and find partners for further cooperation projects under the various other Grundtvig actions or other European programmes.
The course gives a model for approaching art as an inter-cultural dialogue and the socio-political importance of art in development of civil society in a culturally heterogeneous Europe
The proposed itineraries offer an opportunity for a better understanding of the places and the culture of the area, favoring the possibility of creating new initiatives for the promotion of heritage and landscape. Sharing experiences, European common values, is in the heart of the itinerary.
Methodology During the course, the participants have a unique opportunity to compare experiences, to meet their colleagues from different countries and exchange ideas, to listen to experts on different subjects that directly affect their day to day work and functioning of their projects. Observation visits on site, working groups/workshops, lectures, videos, interaction with participants, analysis of cultural projects compose the main methodology of the course.
There will be ample time for discussion on the topics both in the lecture room and on site. At the end of the course there will be a full discussion and an evaluation session so that participants can report their opinion on the quality of the training.
Follow-up A DVD with results of the activities done during the study week. The course organiser will set up a forum (on line platform) for the participants to discuss the in-service training after it has ended and to further exchange experiences and materials.


Session I : 12 - 16 September 2011

Session II : 19 - 23 March 2012

Session III : 4 - 8 June 2012



A bus will be available for participants at Sulmona central station for Scanno from 17:00 to 19:00 p.m. Arrival of participants - accommodation in hotels in Scanno and dinner


10.00 Presentation of the course and participants at the Hotel Conference Hall
15:00 Visit Scanno: meeting the tradition. Immortalised by such renowned photographers as Henri Cartier Bresson & Mario Giacomelli), Scanno is Abruzzo’s cultural hot-spot. • Afternoon: Auditorium Calogero exhibition " MC Escher’s Abruzzo” and video projection - Visit the point of Escher lithographs


10.00 Scanno - Round Table: "Protection of landscapes and villages - actions to conserve and maintain the significant or characteristic features of a landscape"
15:00 Villalago visit the village and discovering the alley in Escher "Still Life with Mirror"


10:00 meeting in Pettorano Gizio at the Castle Cantelmo: " Landscape planning facing the challenge of the development of cultural landscapes” by the President of the Comunità Montana Peligna
15:00 Visit M.C. Escher “Belvedere” an example of landscape exploitation


10:00 Anversa degli Abruzzi - "The landscape in the work of MC Escher and the creation of a cultural route” by MC Foundation Escher (Holland)
15:00 Castrovalva “In the Footsteps of M.C. Escher ”


10:00 Scanno Meeting with local authorities and debate "Art as a form of intercultural dialogue" - plans for future cooperations